Proceedings on Minimally Invasive Surgery
Vol 1 No 1 (2019): Proc MIC

Innovation and Trends in CRC Surgery, ID 218

Fluorescence imaging in colorectal surgery

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Kai Nowak (Department of General-, Vascular-, and Thoracic Surgery; RoMed Klinikum Rosenheim)


Summary: Intraoperative fluorescent imaging has been improved during the last years and a lot of studies have been carried out on the use of Indocyanine Green Imaging (ICG) in the field of colorectal surgery. This talk will review the current literature available on current practice in ICG fluorescence in 3 fields of colorectal surgery. 1. Fluorescence angiography by ICG for the evaluation of tissue perfusion in acute setting of mesenteric ischemia. 2. ICG perfusion assessment for colorectal resections. 3. Lymph node assessment and new fields.

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