Vol 1 No 1 (2019): Trans. AMMM

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18416/AMMM.2019.1909000

Medical Diagnostics and Therapy

Design and optimization of patient-specific, 3D printed pediatric laryngoscopes
R. Sims, M. Boutelle, J. Inziello, F. Lobo Fenoglietto, J. B. Stubbs
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Clinical Workflow in Medical Additive Manufacturing
Ina Ludwig, Anne Ernst, Phillip Gromzig, Jan Wolff
Article-Views: 197  |  PDF-Downloads: 126
CT image segmentation for additive manufactured skull implants using deep learning
Jordi Minnema, Maureen van Eijnatten, Jan Wolff, Allard Adriaan Hendriksen, Kees Joost Batenburg, Tymour Forouzanfar
Article-Views: 116  |  PDF-Downloads: 154
Presurgical practice of supracondylar domosteotomie of cubitus varus deformity on 3D printed humerus
Thomas Friedrich, Maximilian Wattenberg, Ludger Tüshaus, Lutz Wünsch, Thorsten M. Buzug
Article-Views: 323  |  PDF-Downloads: 69
Feasibility of 3D printing for customized radiotherapeutic models to be used in superficial skin cancer therapy
Ali Pashazadeh, Nathan Castro, Elena Morganti, Marie-Luise Wille, Axel Boese, Dietmar Hutmacher, Michael Friebe
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Medical Aids and Devices

Artificial eye simulator for gonioscopy
Ewald Unger, Gunpreet Oberoi, Winfried Mayr, Francesco Moscato, Clemens Vass
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3D-printing of the aortic root for in vitro hydrodynamic assessment of transcatheter aortic valve prostheses
Sebastian Kaule, Stefan Siewert, Ariane Dierke, Jonas Keiler, Andreas Wree, Niels Grabow, Nicolas Degen, Alper Öner, Klaus-Peter Schmitz, Michael Stiehm
Article-Views: 237  |  PDF-Downloads: 87
Concept of an in-vitro model for endovascular stroke treatment using additive manufacturing
Nadine Wortmann, Johanna Spallek, Anna Andriana Kyselyova, Andreas Maximilian Frölich, Jens Fiehler, Dieter Krause
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Automated design of a custom-made hand rehabilitation robot
Christina M. Hein, Yannick S. Krieger, Christian Dietz, Tim C. Lueth
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Towards a digital process chain for the automated manufacturing of pediatric orthoses

State of the art, challenges and new approaches

Quirin T. Schmid, Christina M. Hein, Kyra Kleine, Konstantin Struebig, Yannick S. Krieger, Tim C. Lueth
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Imaging and Modelling in 3D Printing

3D image-based methods for investigating additive manufactured spinal implants
Kerim Genc, Denis Feindt, Ali Kiapour, Herminso Gomez, Patrick Tompsett, David Milner, Yunjie Wang, Philippe Young
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Modeling of a functional brace using the finite element method
Mohammed Alqahtani, Abdalla Omar, Glen Cooper, Paulo Bartolo
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Fabrication of a flexible stenosis phantom for flow measurements using additive manufacturing
Alina Ibbeken, Pragathi Gurumurthy, Fenja Zell, Christina Hagen, Thorsten M. Buzug
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Investigation of cell dynamics in 3D cell spheroids and cell interaction with 3D printed scaffolds by mOCT
Tabea Kohlfaerber, Shujun Ding, Ramtin Rahmanzadeh, Thomas Jüngst, Jürgen Groll, Hinnerk Schulz-Hildebrandt, Gereon Hüttmann
Article-Views: 532  |  PDF-Downloads: 145
The challenge of repeatable manufacturing and the influence on the anchoring strength at the example of press-fit acetabular cups
Volker Weißmann, Harald Hansmann, Rainer Bader, Christian Boss, Anton du Plessis
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Scaffolds, Implants and Drug Delivery Systems

Polymer-ceramic bone bricks for tissue engineering
Evangelos Daskalakis, Fengyuan Liu, Anil Ahmet Acar, Benedict Smith, Enes Aslan, Glen Cooper, Andrew Weightman, Bahattin Koc, Gordon Blunn, Paulo Bartolo
Article-Views: 151  |  PDF-Downloads: 126
3D printing of smart materials for bone regeneration
Christian Polley, Thomas Distler, David Rüffer, Rainer Detsch, Aldo R. Boccaccini, Hermann Seitz
Article-Views: 442  |  PDF-Downloads: 135
Development of an electrospinning jet control technique for manufacturing vascular grafts
Christian Grasl, Michael Desch, Martin Helmut Stoiber, Michael Röhrich, Francesco Moscato, Heinrich Schima
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3D-printed PEGDA structure with multiple depots for advanced drug delivery systems
Jan Konasch, Alexander Riess, Robert Mau, Michael Teske, Natalia Rekowska, Thomas Eickner, Niels Grabow, Hermann Seitz
Article-Views: 229  |  PDF-Downloads: 89
Additive manufacturing of superparamagnetic micro-devices for magnetic actuation
Anna C. Bakenecker, Ievgeniia Topolniak, Kerstin Lüdtke-Buzug, Brian R. Pauw, Thorsten M. Buzug
Article-Views: 152  |  PDF-Downloads: 98
Hot Melt Extrusion and 3D-Printing of different PVA-Qualities
Julius Krause, Linus Großmann, Werner Weitschies
Article-Views: 156  |  PDF-Downloads: 247
Utilization of cryogenic temperatures to reduce line width variability in 3D bioprinted hydrogel lattices
Linnea Warburton, Catherine Liu, Kunal Dharmadhikari, Pavan Vemulakonda, Yahya Cheema, Neal Kewelramani, Danielle Sidelnikov, Kevin Aroom, Lester Schultheis
Article-Views: 121  |  PDF-Downloads: 116
PMMA and PVP based polymers for stereolitho-graphic manufacture of tailored drug release
Katharina Wulf, Celine Riess, Natalia Dominika Rekowska, Thomas Eickner, Hermann Seitz, Niels Grabow, Michael Teske
Article-Views: 147  |  PDF-Downloads: 111

Material Properties, Structural Designs, and Printing Technologies

Fatigue behavior and morphology in Selective Laser Melted Ti-6Al-4V cellular materials
Michele Dallago, Valerio Luchin, Gianluca Zappini, Sunil Raghavendra, Damiano Pasini, Matteo Benedetti
Article-Views: 110  |  PDF-Downloads: 122
Hybrid solid-porous titanium scaffolds

Fabrication and post processing after selective laser melting

Agnieszka Chmielewska, Bartlomiej Adam Wysocki, Łukasz Żrodowski, Wojciech Święszkowski
Article-Views: 84  |  PDF-Downloads: 86
Measuring surface-connected porosity of complete 3d printed structures using a custom pycnometer
Kevin Aroom, Linnea Warburton, William Bentley, Lester Schultheis
Article-Views: 121  |  PDF-Downloads: 74
3D printing of PEEK-based medical devices
Mojtaba Tafaoli-Masoule, Mohsen Shakeri, S. Abolfazl Zahedi, Hermann Seitz, Mohammad Vaezi
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Evaluation of 3D-printing materials for the simulation of osteotomies
Thomas Friedrich, Helen Abi-Chokami, Maximilian Wattenberg, Thorsten M. Buzug
Article-Views: 105  |  PDF-Downloads: 79
Optical recognition of error states to secure quality in FDM 3d Printing
Janik Klingert, Ralf Bruder, Achim Schweikard
Article-Views: 150  |  PDF-Downloads: 85
Mechanical and dimensional characterization of multi-material additive manufactured parts
Markus Königshofer, Martin Stoiber, Ewald Unger, Christian Grasl, Francesco Moscato
Article-Views: 204  |  PDF-Downloads: 58
Assessment of Metallic FDM samples using x-ray diffraction
Kevin Aroom, Peter Y Zavalij, Huapeng Huang, Lex Schultheis
Article-Views: 123  |  PDF-Downloads: 72
Implementation of a test rig to characterize the process suitability of filaments for 3D printing
Jan Eric Schimmöller, Harald Hansmann, Nico Laufer, Stefan Ofe, Volker Weißmann
Article-Views: 424  |  PDF-Downloads: 61
Differential Fast Scanning Calorimetry as analytical tool for mimicking melting and solidification in additive manufacturing
Bin Yang, Sinah Malz, Evgeny Zhuravlev, Benjamin Milkereit, Christoph Schick, Olaf Kessler
Article-Views: 309  |  PDF-Downloads: 80
Innovative revolving biopsy device design supported by additive manufacturing
Marwah Maatoq Al-Maatoq, Asmita Doshi, Marco Kalmar, Axel Boese, Michael Friebe
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Medical Phantoms for Planning, Training, and Quality Assurance

A 3D printed patient-specific dual compartment breast phantom for validating MRI acquisition and analysis techniques
Nicole Wake, Carlotta Ianniello, Ryan Brown, Jerzy Walczyk, Linda Moy, Christopher Collins, Henry Rusinek
Article-Views: 119  |  PDF-Downloads: 82
Additive manufacturing: A growing platform to replace, reduce and refine animal experiments
E. Unger, M. E. Schweda, A. M. Kramer, M. P. Schaffarich, F. Moscato, G. Oberoi
Article-Views: 91  |  PDF-Downloads: 65
An Endovascular Simulator based on Exchangeable 3D-printed Real Vascular Pathologies as Alternative to the use of Animals
Mark Kaschwich, Florian Matysiak, Juljan Bouchagiar, Annika Dell, Andreas Bayer, Marco Horn, Markus Kleemann
Article-Views: 108  |  PDF-Downloads: 71
3D-printed standardized phantoms for small animal PET and MRI: a comparison study
Fenja Zell, Julia Mannheim, Melanie Grehn, Magdalena Rafecas
Article-Views: 260  |  PDF-Downloads: 125
3D printed measurement phantoms for evaluation of magnetic particle imaging scanner
Silvio Dutz, Anton Stang, Lucas Wöckel, Diana Zahn, Cordula Grüttner, Norbert Löwa, Olaf Kosch, Frank Wiekhorst
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Bioelectronic Applications

Designing electrodes for electrical impedance spectroscopy in a four terminal setup
Tobias Barth, Viviane Silva Teixeira, Wolfgang Krautschneider
Article-Views: 153  |  PDF-Downloads: 97
3D printing of active medical implants
Miguel Pereira Madureira, J. P. Marcoleta, J. Stieghorst, Stefan Gassman, Theodor Doll
Article-Views: 109  |  PDF-Downloads: 116
3D-printing technology as a tool for medical implantable electronic devices
Pablo Mendoza Ponce, Lait Abu Saleh, Wolfgang Krautschneider, Matthias Kuhl
Article-Views: 173  |  PDF-Downloads: 90