Transactions on Additive Manufacturing Meets Medicine
Vol 1 No 1 (2019): Trans. AMMM

Material Properties, Structural Designs, and Printing Technologies

Optical recognition of error states to secure quality in FDM 3d Printing

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Janik Klingert (Institute for Robotics, University of Lübeck, Germany), Ralf Bruder (Institute for Robotics, University of Lübeck, Germany), Achim Schweikard (Institute for Robotics, University of Lübeck, Germany)


In most FDM 3D-Printers there is no feedback loop to check whether the model is printed correctly. Due to extensive printing times, printers often run unsupervised. Most 3D-Printers actors work with stepper motors, which only know their position relative to a home position. Missed steps or a loose print cannot be detected by the machine. To minimize failing prints, resulting hazards, and to improve printing quality, this work proposes to check the model continuously during the printing process with a camera and if necessary, alert the user. The results show that certain errors can be detected.

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